Find a prize from all of fabulous stores!
(Stores in the order appears in Hunt  -- Click store names for SLURL)

#1  Mela'Ryn Fantasy Fashions
Hint - Look for the bridge and red blossom trees. Cross over and on the stone path, you'll see me.

#2  Fallen Gods Inc.
Hint - I am sitting up here, dry and cozy, looking down on lanterns reflecting on the water.

#3  Kouse's Sanctum
Hint - Keep your feet on the ground, near some furnishings is where it'll be found.

Hint - I am holding my breath in the shadow of a murderous stump.

Hint - Rushing, gushing noises...am I the only one that hears?
Hint - Where the celtic knots reside, you will find your Triskle.

#7 Earendilia
Hint - Look carefully: Begin, and cease, and then again begin. Additional Hint: Where did all the pirates go? Additional Additional Hint: It is wet, cold and dark here...

#8 Mikki Miles Medieval Musical Instruments
Hint - Be careful, an army of thousand warriors is watching over the treasure!

#9 Safar Fiertze Creations
Hint - Mozart, Chopin, or Beethoven were known to create feeling in music where this prize could be found

#10 EMO-tions
Hint - Ground floor in the castle.

Hint - South by south east, if you tread on me you will be rewarded

Hint - Where the sign of life unending is etched on ancient stones, there,amidst the green ferns, look for where I hide.